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Rocío Trupo: the face behind Tech-Translator

Right from BA, Argentina, Rocío Trupo is a technical translator who specializes in IT products, from marketing campaigns to UI.


Broader Background: Specific and General Knowledge

I heard the calling when I was 17. One of my teachers told me I could make a living out of pushing back frontiers and bridge the gap between frontiers, and I was in.

My professional life began in 2007. It took me a while to choose my field of specialization (IT solutions), which turned out to be a blessing in disguise. The knowledge I have gained over the years from working in a wider range of topics (HR, crime, medicine, education and liberal arts) has actually improved the quality I provide.

As you probably know, technology products and services do not always target an internal audience (IT developers, support and companies), sometimes, they actually cross over to other industries, as in the case of some projects I have worked on:

  • workforce and workflow management solutions,
  • crime-prevention apps based on GPS and historical records,
  • medical devices with real-time monitoring,
  • e-learning and e-commerce sites,
  • software specialized on specs and designer solutions.

The invaluable experience I have drawn from such projects has expanded my scope and has helped me attain a level of excellence not many can boast.

Personal Involvement

Before starting a new project, I always make sure to get acquainted with the company or creator, the product and its basic functions and purposes, and the intended end-users, so that I can devise the perfect match between the product and the audience (such as level of jargon, abbreviations, and so on).

Technical Expertise: Network of Specialized Consultants

Although, in principle, this is a one-woman operation, I collaborate with a network of IT specialists (developers and system administrators, among others) that offer insights and know-how for unique technical aspects some products have. However, I take confidentiality seriously, and do not enter into any collaboration without the express authorization of my clients.

Passion for each project, and responsibility for the end-result

Getting more and more specialized has allowed me to concentrate on those projects whose creators are very passionate about. I feel both grateful and honored whenever a developer chooses to place their trust in me, and their passion for their product is instilled on my work. However, I also understand the responsibility that it entails, and I treat all projects with a great degree of accountability.

Rocío Trupo

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