Linguistic solutions for the IT industry

In this day and age, finding a translator might be one of the quickest tasks in the world, but finding the right translator to handle your texts, and help you achieve your goals —getting your message across and breaking into the Spanish market— is definitely not.

You need someone who is going to be invested in the product, and someone who will go the extra mile to make sure you prosper: your success is my success.

In Tech-Translator, you will find the solutions for all your linguistic requirements.

Rocío Trupo, the linguist behind the keyboard, offers translation services and linguistic assurance for companies and developers looking to expand to the
Spanish market.

Bilingual services—Adaptation

Wasn’t this a translation website? Why say adaptation instead?

In a nutshell, adaptation deals not only with “basic” translation (transforming English words into Spanish text), but also adapting the message so that it is clearly conveyed to the audience.

To do that, you need to consider geographical, cultural and age differences between the source and the target clients.

Rocío specializes in Latin-American dialects.

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Bilingual Services—Localization

It’s all about the count, ’bout the count, no trouble!

Translating software and mobile app UIs is a balancing act between being accurate and keeping the space tight.

It requires translation, managing terminology and language testing.


Yeah, but is it right?

Translating websites involves recognizing the key receipients, translating tags and adding new ones for SEO, and recognizing what content should be abbreviated.

Localizing should never be a headache. Hire an expert.

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Monolingual Services—Linguistic Assurance and Consulting

A picture is worth a thousand words, but a typo ruins your image in milliseconds

Spelling and grammar errors are the linguistic equivalent to having spinach in your teeth. Everyone notices them, but rarely anyone lets you know.
Linguistic Assurance involves making sure there are no mistakes, that the text reads clearly and that all links or buttons (depending on the product) function properly.

Additionally, sometimes the text simply does not flow, or the message is not clearly conveyed. It may be that the grammatical structures are OK, but the readability still has issues.
This is where Linguistic Consulting comes in. You need to make sure the instructions are clear, that the whole is coherent and cohesive, and that the information is unblurred.

Emerge from obscurity and let your texts clearly accomplish their mission.

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