Translation is the basis of it all

To access the Spanish market, you need to have the content in that language. Pretty obvious, huh? The basic idea behind translation is that you provide the written text, and I turn all those words into a great version in Spanish.


How is ‘adaptation’ different from translation?

While translation is the underlying element, adaptation is the process of conveying the original message and purpose of the text, not the literal words. Communication should never rely on specific words from the source, rather on the intended audience, fixing the cultural gap, and the communicative purpose.

I adapt texts into Spanish because I understand that what works for English-speaking customers may not work for Spanish-speaking users.

Tech-Translator is your go-to linguist to adapt:

Marketing documentation

  • white papers,
  • websites,
  • brochures and catalogues,
  • video ads.

Internal documentation

  • internal policies,
  • safety & procedures,
  • development plans,
  • performance assessments.

Education and training

  • e-learning platforms and videos,
  • training exercises and manuals,
  • leadership plans.

And much more!

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